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Useful Information About ADHD And Its Symptoms

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and it is one of the most common and sadly less diagnosed neurodevelopment disorder. The main characteristics include difficulty with controlling attention, impulses and hyperactivity. Generally, the disorder develops during childhood and in most cases, it is not diagnosed until adulthood.ADHD affects all spheres of the individual's life including comprehension in school, performance in work, relationships and even finance management. The disorder also cost individuals emotionally by making them feel deep shame, sense of guilt and failure. This is the case because the individuals suffering from it struggle to do things other people are accomplishing almost effortlessly. Bad as it sounds, the disorder can be diagnosed successfully, managed and treated.

There are three different types of ADHD namely inattentive,hyperactive-impulsive or the combined where the inattention and hyperactive-impulsivity are found to be present in an individual. The ADHD symptoms are not the same for all the individuals suffering from it. Each person with the ADHD exhibits the symptoms differently and with different severity degrees as well.


The symptoms of ADHD will also vary depending on whether the individual is inattentive, hyperactive or both. As for the inattentive presentation, the individual finds it hard to pay attention for long enough, they are easily distracted and cannot maintain consistency doing a task, they find it difficult to follow instructions to the end, resist activities that need focus and are generally forgetful. They easily lose items irrespective of how important they are. The individual also appears to daydream and more often find it hard to sit quietly. They will fidget or tap their feet or even squirm in the chair.

As for the hyperactive/impulsive presentation, the individual is always moving and restless most of the time. Even sitting in a situation where they are expected to focus on is a huge problem for them. They will be running around climbing objects. Adults suffering from this form of ADHD might develop passion and interest in extreme sports and rigorous exercises.

The ADHD symptoms can also differ depending on the gender. Males then to be physically aggressive, impatient and restless while females can become verbally impulsive and interruptive.


The symptoms can change as the individual grows because these people will naturally try to cope with their hyperactivity and they begin to create environments that suit them. This includes learning to be externally quiet while they are mentally restless. Individuals also choose careers that do not require them to sit for long.


Individuals who exhibit these symptoms at the extreme level are recommended for diagnosis and subsequent treatment by a qualified professional.

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